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Monday, October 22, 2012

Who's The King Of Delivery?

I have been ordering purses like crazy to gear up for the big Wheaton Craft Fair, so my UPS and Fed Ex guys are getting quite the workout. Normally, when the UPS/FED EX  guys drop off my packages, they just open the door and set them inside. I have told them to do this, as the dc kids and I are usually on the other end of the house, and there's really no reason for me to be there. If I know both of them are going to be making deliveries, I move the boxes out of the way after the first drop off to make room for the next guy. Today the first guy to drop off just left one small box. (I won't say who, to protect their innocence. ha!)  So I didn't bother to move it. I just left it there. While I was serving the dc kids dinner, I heard the next guy arrive, but I just kept on with the dinner service. After I got everyone fed, cleaned up and in bed for their naps, I went to check out my goodies. Well....this actually made me laugh. Guess one of those guys wants me to know who's KING of the deliveries! I'm just glad my little box on the bottom didn't have any breakables in it!

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