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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wash Your Fruit!

This next post has nothing to do with antiques, junking, purses or Ebay. At all. But, sometimes something comes along that is just too good not to share. So, here is a little, BIG tip for the day.
Wash your fruit!!

Recently a friend of mine posted a recipe for washing fruit. We all know the horror stories of fruit and veggies being treated with chemicals and such, so I won't go into the ugly details regarding that! Anyway, it said to place your fruit in a pan of cold water, add a cup of white distilled vinegar and stir it up. Yesterday I made a trip to the big store and loaded up on fresh fruit. (After a long winter of sky high fruit prices, yesterday was the first time the prices weren't the same as a buying a new house! Well, you get the drift.) I have to admit that when it comes to washing my fruit, my recipe involves a strainer, cold running water and a good shake. That's it. No vinegar. Well....let me tell ya. Vinegar is my new best fruity friend! (BFF! haha) Take a look and see.

First I loaded up my pan with my fruit,
water and vinegar. Gave it a few
gentle swirls and let it sit a minute.
Swirled again for good measure
and then I picked out my fruit,
rinsing it off in the other side of the sink
before drying it with a linen towel.

The water was a weird yellow color.
At first I thought maybe the strawberry seeds
that were laying on the bottom
were contributing to that factor.
No. It was not.

You can see the chemicals/dirt/crud in the water droplets!!
I will ALWAYS be washing my fruit and veggies with vinegar.
I hope you do too.
Life is too short to eat poison.

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